Wattbike Trainer

Trainer rehabThe Wattbike Trainer has a resistance range of 0-2,000 Watts and you can recreate almost every Wattbike Pro resistance setting using a combination of the air and magnetic brakes.

The essential difference is that the Wattbike Trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up Wattbike to everyone that the Wattbike Pro does not cater for. That makes it great for non-cycling users such as younger people, older people, individuals rehabilitating or training for the first time.

It is the best selling model in New Zealand for recovery applications and can be found in numerous physiotherapy, sports injury and rehabilitation clinics.

Using the left and right leg specific data - the bike shows power being generated by the left leg and the right leg as a percentage of the overall power, and the peak angles of force on either side, it is unrivalled in assessing recovery process progress of ACL injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, hip and knee replacement operations for example.

Price - $5,450NZ excluding GST and delivery charges.


  • Wattbike Trainer
  • Bluetooth, ANT enabled monitor with latest firmware
  • Wattbike tool kit
  • Data cable to connect to lap top
  • User manual
  • Road shoe and Mountain Bike shoe attachments
  • Three way pedal
  • Comfort saddle
  • Standard length handlebar and saddle stems
  • Two year warranty



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